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The delicious Shanxi wheaten food 

2018/2/1 15:08:28
The delicious Shanxi wheaten food 
"The world wheaten food in China, the Chinese wheaten food in Shanxi" is a good reputation to Shanxi  . As for a local person, I'm so glad that I can eat all kinds of Shanxi cooked wheaten food with the original flavor.
You walk around the streets and you'll find that the pasta is everywhere.But you may not be able to eat all the Shanxi pasta for a day.
There are some different types of Cooked wheaten Food in Shanxi,such as Longevity Noodles,Hand-pulled Noodles,Mantou and what I love most is Sliced Noodles.The Sliced Noodles are smooth, tender, tasty and refreshing. The performance of slicing the flour blocks into pieces by chefs is tremendously amazing.It is really hard to express by words. You can only know how delicious it is when you have a taste of  it by yourself.Among the pasta I mentioned, one of the most popular is Mantou. You can enjoy it for three meals a day.And there are different kinds of Mantou according to various tastes .It can be made into a variety of flavors, including sweet, salty, bean paste.In addition, you will also see it as a cuisine made by Shanxi native people at many festivals, such as the Spring Festival.In a word, as a northerner of China,you can not miss it and it is everywhere in Shanxi. 
This is the introduction of some Cooked Wheaten Food in my hometown. If you want to know more about it.Welcome to my place. I hope you love my BLOG.

Sliced Noodles

Hand-pulled Noodles


Longevity Noodles