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I Will Never Forget.

2018/1/31 19:33:24
I Will Never Forget.
This is an incident beside me. Whenever l see someone giving up his seat to others,l will recall that. Not only did the thing make me feel ashamed of myself,but let me come into being a sense of admiration to a passer-by who is unfamiliar to me.
One year ago,after l finished my class,l went to my father's unit by bus. As soon as l got on the bus,l took up a seat right away disregarding everything around even if it is very crowded.
As l sat leisurely,appreciating the beautiful scenery outside the window. An old grandma approached. She was walking towards me while l was in a dilemma whether l should offer my seat to her or not. However there is a long distance from this place to my destination. Suddenly,a young boy stood up and offered to help the old woman to sit down. After that,he held the back of the seat with his hand,holding on tightly to the arm,leaning against the seat. Since the old woman had her place,l got some assurance in my heart. So l carried on resting.
Though several stations passed, the most annoying thing was that people only got in but seldom did they get out of the bus. So the bus became more crowded. Everybody pushes each other. The boy unfortunately was fallen with a painful look. I was astonished by his look.
Finally we got off the bus together. Then he carefully seated himself on stone rolling up his trousers and checking the wound. Not until then did l realize that he was injured. Instantly,l felt sheepish with a burning face.
With the pass of time,lots of things disappeared from my mind. Nevertheless it always refreshes me. I got A from this matter.