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I have a close contact with the chief cosmetics trainer in China. 

2018/1/26 10:18:15
I have a close contact with the chief cosmetics trainer in China. 
I've been assumed of that celebrities are unattainable. I think it's due to their location. It was not until one time that I came into contact with Ricky. I found that's not true.
Ricky is the chief cosmetics trainer in China. He is particularly professional with respect to cosmetics and fashion. We met by accident. Once he had a document needed to translating, I helped him at that time. We became friends because of this translation.
I went to his beauty makeup class on January 20th. Many trainees attended his class that day. In class, he explained patiently how to draw the eyebrow. When trainees had something didn't understand Ricky would personally demonstration for them. He encouraged trainees to interact with him. He was not arrogant. In the course of entire learning process, he had shown extraordinary affinity. 
A life without a friend like a sky without a sun. I think that friendship is especially valuable for us, whether celebrity or ordinary people. I like this celebrity friend, because I feel so relax to get along with him. Thanks for meeting, I met a special and wonderful friend of life.


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I also wanna a celebrity to be my friend but I don't think I would be so lucky...
2018/3/12 14:16:13