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Ever imagined you could cook meals right at your desk?-- "Office Little Ye"

2018/1/27 22:09:11
Ever imagined you could cook meals right at your desk?-- "Office Little Ye"
Whether it  is a salad, a microwaved meal or packaged ramen, can you all prepare meals in our offices for convenience's sake? Will you make such dishes that needs great efforts as hotpot, barbecue, tangyuan, grilled fish and the like? So I am going to introduce a all-round girl called Ms Yeah  who has cooked all of the above and more at her office desk, and wined the reputation of "The Office Chef".  She has taken office meals to a whole new level. 
With her innovative and interesting office cooking clips, Ms Yeah currently have been followed by about 1.3 million people on MeiPai, a popular Chinese video streaming site, and more than 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube and about three million Facebook users, according to related report by China Daily. 
I firstly noticed her video about doing makeup with food available in office inWeChat Official Account. After seeing her video, I was impressed by the magic of this girl. Ms Yeah has taken a step further with her creative use in household objects, by taking food and repurposing it as makeup. In a recent video, she creates makeup by using flour, cocoa powder, water and sesame oil.  She uses jumbo marshmallows to replace Beauty Blender. What's more, she is not only able to do her eyebrows with a small number of chicken tails but also capable of applying her eye shadow with  much cocoa powder. By cutting off her male colleague's short hair aided by a binder clip and a lighter, she is then able to make faux eyelashes. With chili oil -- Lao Ganma and juice from crushed dragon fruit, she decorates herself with some bright pink lip-gloss and blush. What makes me feel more hilarious is that she repurposed some Oreos and paperclips as her newest on trendy earrings.
And then I followed her in Weibo and have seen many videos about her, overwhelmed by her ingenuity of making full use of materials in office. I also saw her eat Sichuan hotpot after a complicated  preparation by buying materials, cutting meat, using  electronic appliances and so on.  She also made tangyuan in different formats, noodles with soybean pastem, various kinds of sushi.  I think many men tend to choose her as girlfriend and wife who is so creative and adept at creating things which we pay attention to. Despite the fact that some people reprimand her for eating hotpot using water dispenser,  the way she creates surprise still induces me to watch her videos. She also teaches me the power of women who can make impressive things to define themselves in a different way. So enjoy the fun from her videos!

Ms Yeah is doing makeup using food 

Ms Yeah is making sushi in different shapes

Ms Yeah is preparing the barbecue

Ms Yeah is eating hotpot she made by herself