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In your memory, what is your most impressive home dish?

2018/1/30 16:20:20
In your memory, what is your most impressive home dish?
In my memory, my favorite home dish is Chaobing. Perhaps, many people don't know this dish. This dish is not particularly famous in China. However, in my hometown, this is a dish that every family likes to do. You can eat it as a staple food or take it as a dish. The recipe for this dish is very simple. And the original materials are very common and cheap.Chaobing cooked by my grandma is my favorite. The main materials are flapjack and cabbage. First of all, my grandma cuts flapjack into shreds, washes cabbage that you have shreded. Next, she cuts the onion, ginger and garlic into the end. And garlic should be more. After preparation, you can start cooking.
First, you need to pour the oil into the pot. Add chinese onion, ginger and garlic when the oil is hot. Then, you should stir the cabbage and flapjack and adds salt into the pot.All done! Don't you think it is very simple?
Now, I'm in Shanghai. Fourteen days later, I will go home on vacation. The first thing when I get home is that I am going to cook this dish by myself. I get happy just thinking of it.

The main materials of Chaobing.

Shallot, ginger and garlic

My home dish, Chaobing.