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OMG!!!wish it is true cause my star Stephen Curry is so close to me!

2018/7/31 8:11:39
OMG!!!wish it is true cause my star Stephen Curry is so close to me!
Everyone has dreams, some dreams are very distant, some dreams are close to life, some dreams are related to people, and some dreams are related to things. My dream is going to the scene of Golden State Warriors and watching my favorite star Stephen Curry.
Since I liked basketball and liked watching NBA in 2006, I dreamed of being able to see my favorite basketball player one day, and I wanted to chat with him.
Finally this dream came true today, and I came to San Francisco in the United States. This was my favorite season, winter,and snow gleams white.But the chilly air  could not stop my heartfelt fever because there was my favorite team, the Golden State Warriors.
I came to the scene and watched the tickets in my hand, and I was excited. It was too early because the game had not started yet, but the players have started shooting training in the field. I shouted out in a cry of Stephen Curry, who waving at me with a smile. It is really incredible!
The game began in ten minutes. I was staring at my favorite Curry all the time, even though he was on the bench.He had a perfect performance today.He scored 48 points plus 8 assists, and finally killed the Cavaliers. I held my breath and screamed with excitement at the end of the matchl.
At this time my mom came in and woke me up and blamed me for shouting.


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