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Be a happy little angel.

2018/1/26 13:47:54
Be a happy little angel.
In life, I always get annoyed because some bad things happening. For example, a friend makes a sarcastic statement to me; the lover does not respond to messages; the company's trivial matters and so on. I always build happiness on others. Even, sometimes I think I'm a pessimist.
As I grew older, I don't think it is right. It's because we can't set that happiness on someone else. What we should do is to make ourselves happy. And we can be a happy little angel. Many people are pessimistic or insecure. It has a relationship with their childhood. My childhood also, because there are more children in my family, so I was easy to be ignored. But we cannot be bound by   our childhood. When a negative emotion happens, we have to be brave enough to face it. Like now, when I am unhappy, I like to take some ugly pictures of myself. I think ugly pictures are very interesting. Playing for a while my mood will be especially good. I think this is also a way to divert my attention.
I hope everyone can be happy. Happiness is what you communicate to yourself. So, be a happy little angel.

My ugly picture(1)

My ugly picture(2)

My ugly picture(3)

The beauty of mypicture

Hahahahaha,that is so funny and you are a very cute girl!
2018/3/12 14:23:32