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How to make wall and roof  useful in the aspect of home furishing 

2018/2/1 10:37:27
How to make wall and roof  useful in the aspect of home furishing 
Mentioned in interior design, there is always the first to introduce that it is furniture put picture, the most primary factors that should be considered,such as walls and roofs,are often ignored.Without their foil,the furnitures will look very delicate but a little dull.
Decorate metope paint is as the most basic material, especially in the 1980 s, it adopted the way of painting,  metope spraying technology is gradually perfect, now more and more the metal polishing and spray gun, coating and polishing are used in this special metal bronze wall.
Recently I see a design example of metope in a book, the metope of functional performance incisively and vividly.It covers a yellow blanketon the sofa, and around metope brushs soft color, in the soft wall, sofa appears more prominent. 
Most of the rooftops have been hung in style since ancient times. However, why can't we think of the way we cut them? When the roof is cut, it will give people a comfortable sense of space. This structure also allows the light to be shot into the house as evenly as possible, and also creates an indoor abstract space art. As shown in the picture, the roof with curved corrugated board for cutting the roof space, not only can be a very good light refraction and reduce the roof height, but also increase the wall effect, create a comfortable space of art. 
The wall and the roof what is easy to be in the design of household are to ignore two kinds of conspicuous and important household of the design element,I hope in my introduction,you can be better to use the wall and the roof space.

The soft wall

The Retro spray paint wall

The curved roof