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One day of the Mingqing palace scenic area

2018/2/1 12:39:55
One day of the Mingqing palace scenic area
The Mingqing palace scenic area was  a large-scale scenic area that is shooted for  film and television in the past .Now it also can be visited by everybody . It was built in 1998 and covered  the area of 1500 mu, that is the largest base of  the film and television among the Hengdian studios.What is the background?Today the Ming and Qing dynasties  imitate "the palace" as 1:1. The Ming and Qing dynasty palace architecture follow the Tang, Song and Yuan period . The architecture of the city is the assemble palace includ the imperial garden, the Wangfu government and the  Hutong houses and so on.  It presents the style of  the Yanjing government houses, street shops and palaces, many historical landscapes are such as jade belt bridge, resplendent and magnificent imperial palace.
What is the content  of  the play in Ming and Qing palace?the program is also wonderful. The weather is not good when  we go there, therefore some programs what they should  be performed outside  are  cancelled on account of  the bad weather . Whereupon we choose the perfrom  in the door ,the Zijing's ceremony in the Minqing palace is our first choice, it is based on the historical events between the Ming and Qing and  combines  the stage and the film of special effects , and there are a lot of  elements .For example, the large LED display, mural scene, multi-layer antependium.it is performed by mang professional actors,they reproduce and dance by approaching the real scene. They vivily show us that three important stages of China's develpments .The first ceremony is the ascending ceremony by the emperor of  the Ming,the second is the emperor of  Qianlong who goes to the court,In the end,it is the founding ceremony of new China.It reflects the changes of  chinese  history and succession  of dynasties.It  let us have  many thoughts  about our motherland, We should cherish the hard-won life now.
Hoping everyone should visit there,it must give you a psychological and visual feast.It  will be  a fantastic tourrist!

The main enterance

Main enterance as a souvenir

The play of  the Qing dynasty palace

The scene of  the show