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Secret Superstar

2018/2/1 17:54:52
Secret Superstar
India film is more and more popular in China. Recently, a movie named Secret Superstar, which arose many people's attention. Secret Superstar is truly another good movie of Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim, after the movie Dangal. The movie is about a singer dream of a young girl, Insiya Malik. Insiya Malik endows with talent of singing, her voice is amazing and beautiful. Unfortunately, Insiya has a violent father, her father preferred boys to girls, and he did not allow Insiya played the guitar and sung songs, by the way, this phenomenon reflects the status of women in India. Thank Goodness, Insiya has a beautiful and kind mother, Najma Malik (played by Meher Vij), she supported Insiya all the time although her husband hit her. Insiya wore a mask to sing a song in case of her father recognized her. Later, Insiya put the video on the Internet and people called her Secret Superstar. To be honest, we were amazed at the power of the Internet.With the help of Shakti Kumar,a famous singer, played by Aamir Khan, Insiya changed her life and got famous. Insiya pursued her dream and finally realized it. In the eyes of Insiya, her mother is the real superstar. 
From the movie, we could feel the lower status of women in India, we even could not imagine how difficult it is for girls to realize dreams, therefore, we definitely admired Insiya's encouragement for dreams. From the movie, we feel so lucky because everyone has a mother like Najma, they would like to do anything for their children. Anyway, Secret Superstar is a moving movie, therefore, I recommended it for you, guys!

The Poster: Secret Superstar

The heroine: Insiya Malik

Aamir Khan

Beautiful mother: Najma Malik

Insiya's little brother: Guddu Malik

Insiya's mother is so beautiful.
2018/3/12 9:58:48