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Secret Superstar -- a terrific and multidimensional movie

2018/2/1 14:10:43
Secret Superstar -- a terrific and multidimensional movie
Secret Superstar is a movie worth looking! Insiya who is born in the Muslim family pants for becoming the best singer around the world. But her dream is always thwarted by her father who is prone to domestic violence. Her coward mother, apart from meeting  Insiya's  needs to make her happy in private, can't help her improve her life to a large extent. Her mother even doesn't have the courage to divorce from her husband and live a more happy life. She isn't brave enough to totally inspire her daughter to pursue dream. So  Insiya, in the name of secret superstar, wears black robes to hide her looks and uploads her singing clips online. It turns out that her videos are popular with audience, stars and even Shakti Kumar, the music director. So with the aid of music director and her best friend, she is closer and closer to the dream. Actually what impresses me most is her mother. Compared to the terrible convention that women are inferior to men, the love given by mothers is what lights the darkness in India. Actually Insiya and her mother have many things in common: they love each other
very much but have conflicts sometimes. The feeling of being sad about the other's unfortunate situations, but being angry about the other's not so bad current situations in the latter's own conceit is acted in a terrific way,  resonating on our mind.
Confronted with  Insiya's dream of being a singer, her mother is determined not to defy her father's order, but still struggles to be a devoted supporter and, at the end, chooses to divorce. When Insiya is informed that when her mother was pregnant,  Insiya's husand asked her mother to  have an abortion. But her mother tried to escape and gave birth to  Insiya regardless of all the blame. Her mother never tell Insiya the truth and let Insiya be her true self.
It also makes me think of my parents who love and care me so much because Chaoshan still is some kind of notorious for its convention that  women are inferior to men. When most of our relatives' children choose to marry at a early age, my parents still support me to pursue my dream of studying in college even  furthering my study at a large expense comsidering that my father needs to raise four members of my family. It's so lucky that I have a say in my life. Even though some irreversible gaps exists between me and my parents, I love them very much. In this world, no one excepts our parents sticks to loving us by creating a good life for us. So I will study and work hard to make them happy and not tired.
I hope you can enjoy this movie right now and say to your parents that you love them so much!


Shakti Kumar

Insiya's mother

Insiya's mother is so beautiful.
2018/3/12 10:03:43