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Zhu jiaoquan -- a delicate and flavoury snack

2018/2/1 17:02:17
Zhu jiaoquan -- a delicate and flavoury snack
Zhu jiaoquan, a speciality famous for its  delicious and crisp flavor, wins its name resembling pig's trotters.  So how to make zhu jiaoquan? Firstly, the main ingredients are one  bowl of jingmi powder and tapioca, one taro, one quarter bowl of soybeans and chopped green onions as well as two spoons of five spice powder, one spoon of refined salt and others that  depend on what you want to add.
Secondly, mix the jingmi powder and tapioca at the ratio of 3:7 and add water to make the batter available.
Thirdly, chop the taro into small pieces (It't better to use boiled taro pieces because of flavor) and stir the taro pieces, boiled soybean, chopped green onion and refined salt.
Lastly, wait the oil reaches high temperature,  pour into the batter  and the heating batter becomes the shape of bowl, add into the stuffing and pour into the batter. Fry them in the frying pan until zhu jiaoquans become golden and put them in the dish.
I have ate them when drinking kungfu tea since childhood because they are so delicious and flavoury. It's so lucky to be born in a town filled with so much delicious food. So if you want to be a real foodie, why don't come to Miancheng!

Zhu jiaoquan before frying

Fried zhu jiaoquan

Delicious zhu jiaoquan