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Yuhua's masterpiece  'To live', one of my favoriate books.

2018/2/1 14:14:52
Yuhua's masterpiece  'To live', one of my favoriate books.
When I read this book firstly, I was touched. As Yu Hua said, people live to live in this life, not for anything else. When you have a strong belief to live, you will not be afraid. This book tells the life of the hero, Fugui. He is the son of a landlord. He lived a carefree life and married the daughter of a rich man. Every day he went to casino gambling. He won not much, he lost a lot. Finally one day he gambled all the money . Later, his father died. Maybe this is retribution, he is the landlord, is a black sheep. His mother was sick, on the way to fill a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine for his mother. But, he did not think on the way he was pulled into the army by the Kuomintang troops.He had a narrow escape from the war. When he went home luckly, her daughter has already became mute. And his mother died. His family was poor and blank. His son died unexpectedly; when the daughter finally married but for postpartum bled to death; middle-aged wife died; son-in-law dead; grandson died when he eat beans. Fugui was old, and the story is over.
Fugui experienced the greatest pain. But he survived miraculously, still optimistic and open-minded to life.
As long as people live, there is hope. A man is a triumph as long as he is alive.


The cover of the book,'To live'.

The hero ,Fugui and his old cattle.

I just read it last month. 
2018/3/12 10:42:20