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Snow in Shanghai! I haven't seen snow in ten years in Shanghai. 

2018/2/1 14:06:10
Snow in Shanghai! I haven't seen snow in ten years in Shanghai. 
It snowed in Shanghai a few days ago. It hasn't been snowing for ten years here. That night, a lot of people posted pictures of the snow on the WeChat Moment. Maybe it's because we haven't seen snow for so long, and everyone is so excited. In order to see the snow, my friend and I walked for an hour outside with our umbrellas in cold weather. We also made a small snowman together. We also went to the school playground. The playground was covered with snow. There was a vast expanse of whiteness here. We have also taken a lot of beautiful pictures. All day, we were all immersed in joy. Many people in the north of China jokingly say that,"Why did a such light snow make you so happy?". I just want to say it's because it often snows in the north. So you can't understand our mood.
But the snow in Shanghai lasted only a few days. Now, the snow has basically turned out. Now we can only look at the snow in the picture. It was very sad, but I was happy to see the snow in the new year.
Next, I'd like to show you the snow scenery in Shanghai.

Snow and me

My friend and I made a snowman.

The tree bent with the snow.

Yeah,sometimes I wanna go to other countries in winter because snow is heavy there...
2018/3/12 14:26:51