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My same-sex enlightenment movie - Brokeback Mountain

2018/2/2 14:55:21
My same-sex enlightenment movie - Brokeback Mountain
Remember the article about Night Flight , I mentioned that I saw the first piece of the same sex movie is Brokeback Mountain, it can be said that this movie took me into a different world of love.
This is a poetic movie. During the day, Ennis looked over the valley and sometimes saw Jack: A small spot moving over the plateau was like an insect crawling over a tablecloth; while at night Jack looked through his dark tent, Ennis is like a night of fire, a star sparks deep in the mountains.
I still remember Ennis, who Jack saw through the rearview mirror for the first time, with his eyes fixed on the floor, biting her fingernails, shy and restrained.Parting, Jack watched Ennis through his rear-view mirror for the second time, and Ennis cried after turning around. Brokeback Mountain years become the sweetest memories of life. A lifetime of separation, a lifetime of care, a lifetime of watch.
Two shirts, like two skins, one inside the other one, be made one. He buried his face deep in the fibers of clothes, slowly breathing the taste of which, looking forward to find that faint Tobacco flavor, the smell of the mountain, and the unique sweat from Jack ...
Ennis took the two shirts down, let his own plaid shirt to put in Jake's denim shirt, and even put sleeves together, then hung up them again. Above the two garments, it is the Brokeback Mountain, which is far away but close at hand.
At this point we can only hear a soft whisper: I swear.

The beginning of the film

Ennis found their two shirts together

The official posters of the film

It is a good blog.
2020/4/22 18:47:29
I have seen it. It can be count as classic of same-sex movies.
2018/3/12 10:45:01