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Hong taoguo - a symbol of good luck and happiness

2018/2/2 17:44:58
Hong taoguo - a symbol of good luck and happiness
Hong taoguo, also called Hong qutao with an distinct shape ,is a snack popular with Chaoshan people.The finished hong taoguo needs to be worshipped in the front of the  ancestral tablets. It stands for longevity and good luck.
So how to cook this dish? The ingredients are 500g of rice flour, 500g of  glutinous rice, some dried peeled shrimp, some mushrooms, a garlic, some caraway , a bowl of water and a little red pigment.
Firstly, add some water and a little pigment in the pot to boil.
Secondly, after the water boils, pour the rice flour into the pot and cook to make it sticky.
Thirdly, use a rolling stick to stir the cooked rice flour.
Fourthly, put the rice flour chunk into the tailored bowl - guopeng and rub the dough to amke it smooth.
Fifthly, cook the glutinous rice in electric cooker. And fry the glutinous rice, chopped mushrooms,cutted garlics,caraway, dried peeled shrimp, some mushrooms together.
Sixthly, take out a small dough and  knead it with the fingers to resemble the shape of bowl.Add the aboved ingredients and carefully put the dough with ingredients in the mould specialized for making hong taoguo.
Lastly, steam the hong taoguo for about 15 minutes.
What I most like to eat is fried hong taoguo. So after steaming, you can also choose to fry it.But this techinque of making hong taoguo is very sophiscated and hard. I once saw relatives to make it when I was a child. I want to learn to make this dish and pass on chaoshan culture.

Steam the hong taoguo

Fried hong taoguo

Make hong taoguo