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The snow is in Suzhou

2018/2/2 16:27:43
The snow is in Suzhou
If I meet up with you in Suzhou, I must be reluctant to leave the city.
I have been to a lot of cities,Suzhou is the first city that makes me feel like I love this city. I don't know why, maybe he has some magic that I don't know about. 
Although the development trend of rapid modernization, people pursue the soul pure, most people like to walk in the ancient buildings, Suzhou is famous for its ancient architecture, in some big cities like Shanghai and Nanjing, Suzhou is particularly outstanding, it is the only one remained in city ancient,and there is no high-rise buildings in Suzhou, more antique be kept. In the snow in Suzhou, the netizens said, the snowy Suzhou became the Gusu. The cultural deposits and cultural atmosphere of Suzhou are written in every corner of the ancient city. This is the city that you do not want to leave when you come.
Suzhou has not been snowing for a long time in winter. This year's snow has undoubtedly added another charm to Suzhou. New snow meets up with ancient town, everything in the snow becomes very fresh. When the boat stopped on the bank, everything was still, and even the lively streets were filled with the smell of pure jade.
I’m dying to steal a good time to visit every corner the snowy Suzhou!

The snowy Suzhou

The snowy visition

The Boat and beautiful scenery in the snow

The running water in the snow