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Beijing actor Zhang Yishan

2018/2/9 13:07:52
Beijing actor Zhang Yishan
Zhang Yishan, born in Beijing on May 5, 1992, is an actor in China and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy.
In 2000, Zhang Yishan began shooting commercials, after being director Xu Geng, appeared in the first TV series "soldier Zhang Ga." Play Tongle Le this role,although 12-year-old Zhang Yishan in the drama of the play is not much, but left a deep impression on the audience.
In 2004, he was familiar with the audience because he played Liu Xing in the children's sitcom "Home With Kids". This is also one of the most successful characters shaped by Zhang Yishan. This is a good thing for a young child, but the direction of acting becomes single ,till now we refer to Zhang Yishan, we still think of that naughty star Liu Xing.In 2016, the criminal detective drama "Yu Zui", starring in the first and second quarters, was once again widely acclaimed.Zhang Yishan acted as an undercover police culprit in a drug gang who just graduated from police academy in the play."Yu Zui" let Zhang Yishan appear again in our field of vision, Monthly network hits more than 450 million. Unfortunately, the drama was released only for two months on video software, was forcibly taken off because of the plot's advocacy of sheriffs' ignorance that could undermine young people's values. In October the same year, Zhang Yishan was elected 2016 "China 90 after 10 influential figures." In 2017, the urban emotional drama starring "Spring is Thirteen, Better Than You," aired.This drama is different from the movie previously filmed by Zhang Yishan, "Qiushui" is a very emotional person, making the whole drama meaning is not very large.
.Zhang Yishan can be said to be an experienced actor. Nowadays, there are many performers who have played a lot of TV shows without acting. Zhang Yishan only focuses on exercise. In 2018, Zhang Yi-Shan also constantly breakthrough himself, looking forward to witness better Zhang Yi Shan.

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