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A city which can make you fat: Xian

2018/2/28 20:27:34
A city which can make you fat: Xian
Still remembered the last time I was in Xi'an about a year and a half ago, when I was a young and ubiquitous college student.
In 2018, departing from afar, the first stop is Xi'an.
After the plane, we are very hungry, so the first stop came to the most famous food street - Muslim Street. Muslim Street is not an ordinary street. It is a common name for many streets in the Muslim enclave in Xi'an, with a rich Islamic style and mosques in the streets.
First of all, we choose to taste the red willow roast lamb, each barbecue shop have a big sheep hanging in the door to highlight their own home meat is real.
Into a biang biang noodle shop, sat down and ordered a bowl of beef biang biang noodles, although previously eaten, but this bowl biang biang noodles can be described as refreshing my understanding. Because of its unique form, also known as belt noodles. In Guangdong we eat noodles are thin, each one have the silver surface, but the biang biang noodles in Xi'an is even wider than a ruler, and they are a noodle, is equivalent to a bowl of noodles.
Preserved meat with sauce in a bun mixed preserved meat and the baked Chinese bread as one, it taste fat but not greasy and memorable. It has a long history and is well known in China and it has the reputation of Chinese hamburger, famous at home and abroad, and is deeply loved by people.

Red willow roast lamb,

Biang biang noodles

Chinese hamburger