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What do you know about Chinese New Year?

2018/2/17 1:36:33
What do you know about Chinese New Year?
In about two weeks, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year in China! Like Christmas to most of the western countries, Chinese New Year is the most important festival for us. It is the festival to gather together with the family, celebrate our achievements of the year and take a break to plan for the new year ahead. However, since it is calculated according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, the time of the new year festival always changes every year between January and February.
As you may have already known that we have The Chinese Zodiac (the 12 animal symbols) for each year. This year is the year of Rooster and the coming year is the year of the Dog. The same symbol rotates every 12 years. So what are the interesting points about the Chinese New Year?
Technically, starting from the New Year Eve up until Lantern Festival (January 15th according to the Chinese Lunar calendar) are counted as the Chinese New Year. And obviously, the New Year Eve is the most important day among all. This is the day that we are supposed to gather together with the big family including grandparents/ uncles/ aunties etc. Usually, we spend the whole day eating, drinking and talking to each other. For the days after, we will visit our relatives one by one. It would be considered as impolite if we don't pay a visit to our elders for no special reason. Especially nowadays, a lot of people immigrates to bigger cities for study or work. For those people, the Chinese New Year is the only time that they go back to visit their family.
And guess who loves the new year festival the most? The children, of course! The kids would not only receive gifts like new clothes/shoes but also pocket money in the red envelop from their parents and adult relatives which we call “Hong Bao”. The red envelope means good luck for the kids and also a symbol to ward off evil spirits so that the kids would grow up healthily. 
What do you want to know more about our new year festival? Please feel free to leave your comment below.