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In Time with You again - to be or not to be

2018/2/5 9:28:06
In Time with You again - to be or not to be
Recently, I have reviewed In Time with You again which was on the air in 2011. Actually, I still crush on its plots and relish the TV programme again and again. Cheng Youqing (Ariel Lin), the manager of a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer, receives an email on "the symptoms of premature aging"on her 30th birthday.It’s from Li Daren (Chen Bolin), her best friend whom she has known since high school. Incapable of acknowledging that he is like a bottle of fine wine that will get mellower with age and she resembles a grape which will dry into a raisin with the passage of time, she wagers with Daren on who will get married first before the age of 35. So they start on a journey for seeking lovers.
However, Daren often complains the girls whom he date are not a good match for him and doesn’t agree with the boys whom Youqing dates. After Da ren's relationship with Maggie, he confesses to Maggie that he has carried a torch for Youqing for a long time. However,there is a coincidence that when You qing is single, Daren has a girlfriend; when Daren splits up with his girlfriend, Youqing has reconciled with her ex-boyfriend. So Da ren is always missing the opportunity to confine in Youqing his true feelings.
Actually, I am like the heroine who is obstinate, tough, hard-working but innocent.We,a part of the society,work hard to become who we aspire for being.She knows how to perfect herself by dressing pretty clothes, doing makeup and furthering study.But she still has her weakness that only her families and Daren know. But she still is optimistc about her life.
Unlike other heroes, Daren, a kind of man popular with girls, isn’t so handsome but trustworthy. He works hard and lives a quality life.The love he offers to her is so simple, sincere and sweet. He loves and repects her.Although we tend to crush on handsome men, but a simple and sincere relationship is actually what we can rely on. These two characters perform so well that I still feel freshness in the TV programme.
Hence, I hope you can learn from something from this serie and cherish the ones who love you so much.

Cheng Youqing

Li Daren

Cheng Youqing and Li Daren

Perhaps every girl wants a male friend like Li Daren who is always in time with her.
2018/3/12 10:49:12