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I hear that the hair of the man who has finished the article is dense

2018/2/9 12:18:57
I hear that the hair of the man who has finished the article is dense
The most concerned question of the contemporary Chinese youth is: how to find a pair,or how to get rid of poverty? None of them, more than one out of concern is: hair loss.
Are you suffering from the problem of hair loss like me?
Why do you lose your hair? In modern medicine, hair loss is divided into physiological alopecia and pathological alopecia. Physical alopecia is available to everyone, with an average of 50-100 hair away from us every day, which is the normal reaction in the metabolism of hair.
And the pathological alopecia is the excessive exfoliate of the hair. The capillaries remain in a state of contraction, the hair follicles cannot get enough blood supply, the growth function of hair is suppressed, and hair loss occurs.
How to solve the problem of hair loss? First of all, you should know why you have hair loss, and then find out the countermeasures according to the causes of hair loss. Then, develop a good living habit, a reasonable rest, and pay attention to the protection of hair. Finally, keep a balanced diet; eat foods rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, such as green vegetables, fruits, animal liver, carrot, egg, milk, etc.
Put these methods in the book quickly.
I will stick to it. The next time I meet you, you must see me with a thick hair.

It's normal for a man to lose 50-100 hair in a day.

Frequent changes in hair shape can also speed up the drop of hair.

the generation of 90s  starts to lose their hair
2018/3/8 15:31:51