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The most suitable for my breakfast "steamed vermicelli roll"

2018/2/6 21:10:39
The most suitable for my breakfast "steamed vermicelli roll"
  I still do not forget the first time I eat steamed vermicelli roll and I was in kindergarten. In my memory, the clock battery failed that day, as a result my mother did not get up on time and too late to make breakfast, so she went downstairs to buy steamed vermicelli roll for me to eat. I do not know what it was at that time. But it is quite delicious. After that, every breakfast time I let my mother go to purchase steamed vermicelli roll. When I was in primary school, I still went downstairs to eat steamed vermicelli roll every day, in high school, I still occasionally to eat steamed vermicelli roll. Today I went to college, but no such delicious steamed vermicelli roil in the university.
Steamed vermicelli roll, from Guangdong and has been spread across the country. Steamed vermicelli roll is made of rice into paste state and then processed. Besides, a small amount of salt, oil and water needs to be added. According to your own taste, you can add pork, beef and so on, you can also add some vegetables. However what I like best is nothing, I like the original taste of the food. At last, you need to add some soy sauce.
Trust me, this is a delicious food.

You can add some vegetables.

You can add eggs too.