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Have a sleepwalking in the mountain city

2018/2/7 7:25:11
Have a sleepwalking in the mountain city
Each city has her unique charm and temperament, when the train across the mountains came to this magical and romantic city, I fell in love with her - Chongqing. No city likes her absurd and humorous, modern and blurred, straightforward with a little romantic, noisy hidden a little tranquility. 
One thing you must experience in Chongqing is to have the mountain walk, through the time tunnel of the mountain. As a mountainous city, the farthest distance is not I am here, you are there, in stead of it is I am at the foot of the hill, you are on the hill.
Hovering roads made we fully exercised the body, but since ancient time, mountain people was opened up a trail which up to the hill, the gray stone road meandering in the verdant forest, the roadside hidden the oldest and tranquil neighborhood in the city. Today's Shan Cheng Walk Path has become a tourist's classic tour and mountain city's fitness route, the third Shan Cheng Walk Path is the most famous and most beautiful one.
Then we went to Chongqing China Karst National Park. The first impression after went into the park was cool wind blowing. And when you pass by a rock, you will experience a rain, plenty of water on the rock wall, the undercurrent also rumbling at the foot.
After entering from the scenic junction and go down, there is feeling that we are going a straight into the deep of geocentric. 
So trust me Chongqing is definitely the city for you to visit many times.

Chongqing China Karst National Park

Night scene of Chongqing

Shan Cheng Third Walk Path

Chongqing's light rail