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Decilious Dim Sum: Shengjian

2018/2/7 7:24:51
Decilious Dim Sum: Shengjian
Shanghai Shengjian can be concerned as native Shanghai snack, it has hundreds of years of history. Its characteristics are: leather crispy, thick juice, meaty. Nibble, meaty, oily, sesame all the delicious flavor in the mouth for a long time refused to disperse. As Shanghai people used to call "buns" as "mantou," so Shengjian is often called as “Shengjian mantou” in Shanghai. The filling is mainly made of fresh pork and frozen pork soup. After the 1930s, the add a lot of different kinds of fillings, such as chicken, shrimp. 
The bottom is crispy and golden brown, sprinkled some sesame seeds and chives. The evaluation of it is: "The skin is not broken nor coke, the fresh stuffing is full, the thick and dry skin is the defeat." Not only introduces the advantages of the Shengjian mantou, but also reminds diners, if the bottom is think dry and coke is not worth buying.
Shanghai Shengjian mantou have different look and taste. Although shengjian is only a dim sum, the production process is different. For example, Xiao Yang Shengjian, is the  downward opening, Da Hu Chun is the upward opening; some have thick meat and less soup, others are mixed frozen pork soup in the filling, meat is tender and juicy.
Xiao Yang Shengjian and Da Hu Chun is the representative of different factions of shengjian in Shanghai. I highly recommend to try this delicious dim sum.

Da Hu Chun shengjian

Xiao Yang shengjian

I recommend Dummy Shengjian in Suzhou.It tastes nice as well.
2018/7/4 19:32:22
Oh Xiao Yang Shengjian is so dilicious!
2018/7/4 19:30:41