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The beautiful winter in Yantai

2018/2/10 16:52:35
The beautiful winter in Yantai
As an undergraduate, I study in the southern part of China. So it is uneasy to see the beautiful snow there. I wish I could migrate from here every winter, as the birds do. After the final examination, I started my long winter vacation. As a result, I have more opportunities to see the beautiful snow in the city where I live in. As for the winter in my hometown, it is really windy and dusty. The weather in the northern part of China can ice people's breath. However, it is frequent to snow in this season. Many birds migrate southward. Many animals either limit their activity during the winter or hibernate. In my point of view, I think the most attractive scenery is the snow. I never think of snow but I think of my youth. The snow usually begins at midnight. The ground is covered with thick snow. And the snow covers up the fields with a white cloak. The branch cracks under the weight of the snow. The wind drifts the snow into huge mounds.  The beauty of the scenery surpasses my expectation. The snow is the flavor of hometown in my memory.  

This picture shows us the beautiful snow on the both side of the road.

The road and the trees are covered with thick snow.

The lake is covered with snow and the water in the lake congeals into ice.