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My favorite snack: Jianbing

2018/2/3 10:10:02
My favorite snack: Jianbing
"大姐,来一个煎饼。加火腿、一个鸡蛋,要辣椒,多放香菜和葱。" That is what I usually say in front of a street vendor in the morning or in the evening. It can be translated in English as "Excuse me, I want a jianbing with ham, an egg, hot pepper and much more coriander and spring onion. " Jianbing is a popular snack in China and nowadays Jianbing street vendors or the chain restaurants are widespread abroad. Many foreigners, especially in the USA and UK can enjoy the delicious Jianbing everyday. As one of the most celebrated street snacks, it is made by the way you like and served hot. According to the ancient legends, Jianbing was invented by ZhuGeliang, the famous military strategist of Shu state during the Three Kingdoms period.This great man ordered the soldiers who lost their woks during the march to mix the wheat powder and water to make dilute dough and then spread it over the shields which were heated on fire. The soldiers fed up themselves with these delicious Jianbing and won in the war. That's why the Jianbing can hand down generation by generation, not only because of its inspiring story but also because of its delicious taste.  

Jianbing with fried bread stick 

Jianbing made by five-star hotel

crispy stuffing packed in Jianbing

Jianbing is being made by the master

Jianbing is very delicious, it is accompanied by a bowl of porridge is my usual dinner at school and I usually miss the taste.
2019/7/26 13:11:10