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How much do you know about filming?Secret story behind the movie

2018/2/7 9:23:46
How much do you know about filming?Secret story behind the movie
Most of the people in this world are off-the-scenes people. Every day watching other people's life, but also every day in the interpretation of their own lives. Before I didn't touch the film and film the industry. I deeply think it should be happiness to be an actor, Because they can use their only one life to experience many different lives.
Later, after I graduated from college and embraced great interest in film and television, I entered a film and television production company. Though most of them just made some simple films such as micro-movies and online movies, I still feel so satisfy. As a field record, I deeply feel that this job is really hard. Every day from morning to night, can not eat on time, and always lack of sleep. I just know them as  actors, they not only work from dawn to night, but also immerse in cold water in winter and wear cotton padded clothes in summer. There are no longer seasons, no longer have day and night, but also can not have their own emotions. Because they are already the characters in the play, and can only deduce the life of others.It caused them to miss their good years.
I remember shooting at that time, we get up every day four or five o'clock, four o'clock in the morning to close the work. We are working when others work, we are still working when others have fallen asleep. No place to sit when eating, can only sit on the floor. Nothing is not clean, can eat on time already is great happiness.
I am very grateful to my experience there, so that I know how to be grateful and become more kind-hearted.

The shooting under the sun is simply crazy.These are my equipment.

It's late, and we're still filming.

It's midnight, and our day's work is just over.

It's tiring and people are hardworking. As long as you love it,you won't feel tired deep down!
2018/3/12 14:35:31