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The pearl of China----silk

2018/2/9 10:14:58
The pearl of China----silk
With the development of the world economy, economic integration goes deeper. Unknowingly, the term “The Belt and Road” has come into our lives.
For this, how much do you know about the silk road? Or how much do you know about the silk? As we all know, silk is one of the earliest inventions in Chinese history. Like the four great inventions of ancient Chinese civilization, it has had worldwide impact. And In the history of the human race, silk is not the same glorious. The origin of silk dates back more than five thousand years. To this day, it is still the most environmentally friendly dress material. What’s more, in the process of silk transmission, it is the first time that east and west have established a bridge of communication, connecting the east to occident and allowing the exchange and the sharing of the knowledge. In the meantime, China is also known as the “silk country”.
In addition to make clothes, silk also has industrial medical and other functions. Today, the tai hu basin in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze is China’s largest producer of silk.
In a word, silk will endure for its unique charm.

colorful silk

a beautiful dress made of silk

the sight of the silk road.

I never wear silk but I think this kind of material should be comfortable.
2018/3/8 14:35:21
Nietzsche @ Tracy : Yeah, they are beautiful and comfortable. If you have the chance, try it.