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Chinese new year pictures, which vividly show Chinese characteristics

2018/3/7 22:01:00
Chinese new year pictures, which vividly show Chinese characteristics
In China, when the New Year comes, all family without exception will put up New Year pictures. Now let’s take a look at Chinese New Pictures.
The New Year picture is a kind of Chinese painting, and it is also one of the common folk arts in China. In the long years, with the development of the custom, it gradually evolved into a unique decorative art of Chinese folk. Its origins can be traced back to ancient time, when humans is full of worship of nature and awed by gods.
At first, the Chinese New Year pictures are all about “driving away evil spirits and praying for the lucky”. Later, it gradually appeared the custom related painting decoration.
The New Year pictures are date from the ancient “Gate-God picture”. Based on its development, during the reign of emperor guangxu of qing dynasty, the Chinese New Year picture was officially named. And it become a kind of popular art form for Chinese people, which is posted on New Year’s day to render the festive atmosphere and carry the meaning of auspiciousness.
In a ward, by virtue of its richness, the whole Chinese folk can be recognized by the Chinese New Year pictures.

plenty of connotation for pictures

the new year pictures are ubiqitous in rural areas, and they all have good wishes

rich in color, unique characteristics