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Chinese paper cutting------a kind of living art

2018/2/7 11:57:12
Chinese paper cutting------a kind of living art
Look at those lifelike Chinese paper cutting, do you admire them?
Chinese paper cuts is one of the oldest folk arts in China. It is unique in that it can give people hollow feeling and artistic enjoyment in the world. Chinese papercuts, as the name suggests, is to use scissors to cut paper into various patterns. The emergence and spread of this folk art is closely related to the festival customs in rural China. On festival or weddings, people put Chinese paper cuts on windows, doors, walls, or lanterns to achieve the purpose of rendering the festival atmosphere.
The content of Chinese Paper cuts is so rich. What’s more, it also has strong regional characteristics. Shaanxi window paper cuts are simple and bold; paper cuts from Hebei province and Shanxi province are bright in color; paper cuts in southern provinces are delicate and fine.
Although the Chinese paper cuts is convenient to make, it can fully fit the life of the people. It is the concentration and exaggeration of many folk art forms in rural China. It is also because paper cutting is close to life, it can express the producer’s understanding of nature and life, which is an expression of the inner feelings of the producer.

this Chinese paper cutting means good luck

show the beauty of Chinese girls

show the beauty of nature

The paper-cut is really vivid ah, I admire those veteran artists so much!
2018/3/8 14:37:30
Nietzsche @ pink : Me too.