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Chinese people’s best mate in winter----hot pot

2018/2/7 17:15:37
Chinese people’s best mate in winter----hot pot
As we all know, the Chinese diet is famous for its variety. Among them, hot pot is unique. It is a fortunate thing for Chinese people to have a hot pot in the chilly winter. So, we think of hot pot as a good companion for Chinese people.
However, how much do you know about the origin of hot pot? 
Generally speaking, there are two theories about the origin of hot pot. One is that the bronze tripod of the Three Kingdoms period is the predecessor of hot pot, the other is that hot pot originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The unearthed cultural relic “bushel” refers to hot pot. As you can see, China’s hot pot history is at least one thousand and nine hundred years.
Due to geographical differences, various regions of China have their own unique hot pot. For instance, seafood hot pot in Guangdong, chrysanthemum hot pot in Suzhou and Hangzhou area, white meat hot pot in the northeast and so on. It can be said that there are many kinds and different characteristics.
In a word, since the invention of hot pot, hot pot culture has developed a lot, which has developed into a unique chapter of China food culture. 

seafood hot pot in Guangdong

Yunnan flavor pot

 white meat hot pot in the northeast