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Kite, human beings' flying dream

2018/2/9 10:21:52
Kite, human beings' flying dream
Kite is the oldest kind of folk art and leisure activity in China. China is recognized as the first country to invent kites in the world.
According to the literatures, Mo Zhai made wooden birds, developed three years, which is the origin of the earliest kites. So we can see that the kites that were invented by the ancient working people are more than two thousand years. By the time of the northern and southern dynasties, kites had become a means of conveying information. In the song dynasty, kite flying became the most popular outdoor activity. In the 13th century, however, it was only when the Italian traveler, Marco Polo, returned to Europe that the kites were lucky enough to spread around the world.
What is worth distinguishing is a kite can make a sound, not a kite. What’s more, kites were used in military affairs before the tang dynasty and after the tang dynasty, it gradually converted to entertainment.
The shape of kite is mainly to imitate nature’s creatures such as birds, worms, fish, butterflies, and so on. Besides, spring is the best time to fly kites. It is not very windy in spring, and it is not very hot.

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