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The northernmost post office of China

2018/2/11 18:25:55
The northernmost post office of China
With the development of China's social economy, the traditional post and telecommunications methods are gradually replaced by the emerging information technology.The post office used to be the mainmedium for sending letters to the Chinese people, but with the advent of social media such as QQ and WeChat, people's habit of writing letters has been changed.It is conceivable that the post office gradually lost its meaning in life.However, old things do not mean declining.The wise man in life always seizes the opportunity and refreshes the old things.China's northernmost post office -MoHe arctic village post office, which has turned a public service agency into a tourist attraction.
China's northernmost post office is located in MoHe county HeiLongJiang province, in the arctic village of the northernmost village in China.Since the beginning of the 21st century, the post office has laid off staff, and business is bad.With the development of the arctic village, the northernmost post office has become a golden sign.Everyone who comes here buys souvenirs and postcards.Visitors often write a message of blessing on it, and then let the staff stamp the north post office seal.Finally, they send these things home in order to add a unique meaning to their journey.Every year in December, the post office holds Christmas activities in order to make foreign visitors feel the festive atmosphere of the motherland.The playground is filled with Christmas memorabilia, and the Christmas tree is decorated in a dazzling display. You can feel the Christmas atmosphere in northern China. It is very interesting and special.Therefore, China's northernmost post office is also called the Christmas post office.
It is convenient to go to this post office now. you can choose to fly to the destination by plane or by train.After visiting the site, you can continue to enjoy China's northernmost mobile base station and the northernmost village.
(Welcome to the comments section to tell me your country's northernmost scene.)

The outside of the post office.

A tourist is writing a postcard.

Some beautiful postcards on the counter.

Christmas gifts

It's interesting but I guess it's very cold...anyway,quite romantic hahaha~
2018/3/12 14:36:36