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Don’t lose your courage

2018/2/14 16:03:14
Don’t lose your courage
Miss Li is my English teacher of middle school . Never shall I forget the first English lesson given by her. On that day, when she entered the classroom, we found that she was a young and beautiful lady with a big smile on her face. Then she introduced herself and said that we should call her Miss Li instead of Teacher Li. 
A moment later, she let all of us go to the blackboard and say something about ourselves in English in turn. When it was my turn, I felt so shy, nervous and fearful that I didn’t dare to say a word before the class. She came up to me and said kindly, “Don’t be afraid. I trust you can do it. Come and have a try.” My face turned red when I heard that. At  last, I took a deep breath and feel relaxed slowly. Later on, I got up the courage and went to the blackboard to introduce myself. I did it quite well. She praised for what I had done and told me that don’t be afraid of anything and be strong. 
Up to now, I can still remember her words in the first English lesson: “Practice makes perfect. Don’t lose your courage when you encounter difficulties. Keep trying until you make it.”

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