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The meaning of Tomb-sweeping Day

2018/2/14 15:57:26
The meaning of Tomb-sweeping Day
Every year, when the Tomb-sweeping Day comes, almost each family carries some food,  joss paper and a bunch of flowers to pay respects to their ancestors at the tomb. My family has no exception. Tomb-sweeping Day is one of the festivals in China, usually around the April 5th of sunny calendar. Middle-age men attach much importance to Tomb-sweeping Day, if not as a festival, they will also take time to go home "Tomb-sweeping Day". This suggests that the Tomb-sweeping Day has become a culture, and become a way to express one’s yearning to their late loved ones. 
On the Tomb-sweeping Day, both the Han and minority ethnic groups offer sacrifices to their ancestors and sweep the tombs of the dead. People believe that they do this can bring good luck to everything in life, because their ancestors will bless them. Some people question the meaning of this festival, because they think people are superstitious. In my opinion, I think this day teaches people to be in honor of their ancestors and respect the culture. It is not something about superstition, but about showing respect to the culture. We need to pass on our culture from generations, or we will lose our national treasure.

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