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The definition of a useful man

2018/3/5 10:51:52
The definition of a useful man
When we are small, our elders often tell me that one should be a good person. Later on, we go to school, the teachers educate us to be a better person. They tell us that we must study hard to be admitted to a famous university and then after graduation, we could get a ,high-paying job, so that we could be the useful person. Many students confuse about what the useful person is. They don’t know the real definition of useful man. 
As far as I know, the useful person must have the good merit. A person with the kind heart is favored by everyone and he has the sense to serve others, like many voluntary workers. The bad person will bring danger to others, even to the society. The most important thing of the useful person is to make a contribution to the society. For example, Tai Lihua, although she is a deaf-mute, her dancing  blossoms a beautiful life and inspires many Chinese, even the world. The useful men often make full use of their knowledge and be proud of serving for the society. Our premier Zhou stated his purpose of learning knowledge was to make our country rise. He did it and he became the great person. Becoming the useful person is not easy, we should fight for it and we should believe that we can do it.

Thousands Hands Guanyin

Reach out the friendly hands

The volunteer do something for people in need

That's the social meaning of people.Actually,everyone is useful because we helped others in our lives certainly.
2018/3/12 14:40:05