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Guangdong traditional life "morning tea”

2018/2/6 21:20:18
Guangdong traditional life "morning tea”
Talking about the traditional culture of Guangdong, it is essential that the morning tea. Morning tea is not just a couple of tea, often eat some delicious snacks. Some people eat for breakfast and go to work after eating. Others eat while chatting and go away until lunch time. To drink morning tea usually for the elderly, they come early and stay late.
I remembered when I was a child, my grandmother often took me to drink morning tea at the weekend. Sometime my parents will come together. I would have all kinds of dessert at that time, such as steamed dumplings, shrimp dumpling, chicken feet and so on. These are all I love most, of course, there are many good snacks. Today, my grandmother is elderly, she could not take me to drink morning tea again. So I would take time out of the holiday and accompany her to the tea house slowly. It is quite rare, so I cherish these times. I could find my childhood memories in the morning tea.
Morning tea has become a life style of the Cantonese and it is incorporated in all aspects of life. Believe me, experience of delicious food makes you unforgettable.

The delicious foods.

This is shrimp dumpling.