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Do you love hot pot?

2018/8/5 3:06:34
Do you love hot pot?
My friends and I all have different obsessions with eating hot pots throughout the year. but in order to appear less fanatical, we have plenty of reasons.
We said spring, taking advantage of the cold weather, eat hot pot or hot weather couldn’t eat .In summer, we said that it was too cool for the hot weather air-conditioners to eat hot pots. Let's go to hot pots! We said in autumn, the weather turned cooler, eat hot pot; Needless to say in winter, eat hot pot is very warm. Fat wages to eat a pot of happy look,eat a pot to celebrate the test. The weather today to eat a pot of good,what a bad weather today to eat a pot of comfort.
It is really an addictive thing to eat hot pots, to me it is like non-toxic opium. Because it is really memorable, after eating that feeling even more than when eating cool. Other things are eating a few days after they want to eat, I eat hot pot just eat and want to eat again! Even if you eat too much, do not want to eat too eat, and when you just got home again began to miss that taste. Lying in bed at night, his mouth actually still fondue fragrance, under the scent of Raiders, can’t help but heart swallowed, actually found that the taste of hot pot is more intense, like a swallow soup into the pot, sliding over the esophagus, full of hot pot fragrance in my heart.
I think hot pot is simply the greatest invention in the world! In short, we must eat hot pot

One df the must-have items is small crisp meat.

Steaming duck pot.

Three flavors of pot bottom and some side dishes.