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What makes Gatsby become great?

2018/2/3 16:34:10
What makes Gatsby become great?
The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald in 1920s is a real tragedy, not only a matter of individuals, but also a matter of the times. The title is really interesting. So you may wonder what makes Gatsby become great?
As far as I am concerned, he is considered 'great' in a paradoxical sense. Gatsby is considered 'great' by the measurement of dreams, his wealth, his larger-than-life personality, his love to Daisy, to others in the novel, mark him as a man of high stature and almost god-like in personal proportions.
Relating to its background, Gatsby is a typical representative of American dreams. As we all know, he was born in the poor family so that he lost the opportunity for marrying his beloved girl. However, he turned to a person with great wealth and business dealings, and questionable background makes him both fascinating and repulsive. This was all created by himself and it conformed to the essence of the American dream, which proclaims that "all men are created equal" with the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the ability to chase fortune and improve his position. Despite Gatsby's profligate lifestyle, he won us over with his overweening optimism and passion. It's so purely American and innocent that we have to smile.
At that time, everyone focused on wealth and fame. But we gradually realize that Gatsby, in the bottom of his heart, didn’t care much about wealth or social status. Instead, he was 'great' because no other person in his position, in his day in age, loved Daisy in the way he did or felt quite the right hideous contempt of Tom, experienced the dolorous fear of being somebody 'ordinary' or felt the same horrible hollowness amid the drinking and partying. His love for Daisy is the only pure and authentic thing about him.
Gatsby went all in for his love. He risked everything for her. When Daisy coincidentally kills a woman during her driving, Gatsby says without hesitation and this shows that Gatsby loves Daisy so much that he was doomed to help her in any case. Later, Nick persuaded him to go away. He wouldn't consider it. He couldn't possibly leave Daisy until he knew what she was going to do. You can see that Gatsby always put Daisy's safety in the priority list.
It was Gatsby's emotional honesty, eternal optimism, and simplicity of heart that made him the only real person in a crowd of fakes.In the end, just like Nick, we all mourn Gatsby, real name or not.

Gatsby hold a ball in order to attract Daisy

Gatsby was dancing with Daisy and he wanted to leave this city with Daisy.

All things were gone

i watched this movie and i really can't understand why Gatsby tries to catch attention from Daisy by holding gorgeous parties...why can't he just show his love by words???
2018/2/9 10:44:09
starexpress @ kario : money and social status maybe can only be the kind of privilege to be acknowleged by people at that time and i really think Daidy doesn't love Gastby...
Rachell @ kario : Daisy is a dream in his young age so that he can not give it up.
kario @ Rachell : What a tradegy!People with good heart go to the heaven and those bad guys live in the world and enjoy the luxurious life and just sometimes maybe torture of conscientiousness.