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Hainan coconut rice - imagine the fantasy of rice in the coconut

2018/2/3 19:04:31
Hainan coconut rice - imagine the fantasy of rice in the coconut
Maybe many of you who read my previous articles would think I will introduce Chaoshan food, but today I shift to introduce Hainan coconut rice because my father is Hainanese so I had the chance to enjoy this yummy food.In hainan, coconut rice, made of quality glutinous rice produced in Hainan and natural coconut, is a traditional  farm snack. It, as a symbol of happiness, is a perfect food to entertain the distinguished guests, relatives and friends. According to Compendium of Materia Medica and local healthcare & fitness, coconut rice is conducive to people by tonifying kidney, strengthening yang, regulating vital energy and so on. So how to make this dish, please pay attention to every step. The ingredients are 1000g glutinous rice, a coconut, 200g  white sugar and 200g fresh milk or boiled water.
Firstly, wash the glutinous rice, soak it  in water for several hours and dry it.Secondly, take the fresh coconut, remove  the coconut shell and fetch out the fruit. 
Thirdly, leave a small cut at the top of the coconut, pour out the juice in a bowl, and put the glutinous rice in the coconut with white sugar and fresh coconut juice. Then pour the fresh milk or boiled water, cover the cut and boil the coconut with ingredients in the pot with water  and then cook with 
slow fire for about three or four hours. 
Lastly, take out the coconut after seeing the glutinous rice swell out of the cut. Wait it cool down and cut it into slices of coconut rice resembling like ships. 
Actually ,every time when my father came back from Hainan, he tended to bring with himself many products made from coconut. Last time, my sister and brother came back with several bags of dried mango. But I still like coconut rice very much with its natural and delicious flavor.

Hainan coconut rice resembling like ships

Hainan coconut rice with natural flavor

Hainan coconut rice