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Edward Scissorhands - why a robot can't love with a girl

2018/2/5 19:26:03
Edward Scissorhands - why a robot can't love with a girl
Edward Scissorhands, a 1990 American romantic dark fantasy film, was directed by Tim Burton, the movie genius. Johnny Depp starred as an artificial man named Edward, an unaccomplished creation who has scissor blades instead of hands. The young man is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim (Winona Ryder). In fact, I happened to see it in the network backup owned by my sister and I was totally captivated by this movie, reviewing from time to time. It's the first time that I enjoyed this genre of movie, fantastic and strange. I reckon the plot as unique because at the beginning, local people get well along with Edward, but the heroine dislikes him. After people start to hate Edward, the heroine changes her attitude. When confronted with overwhelming praise and sudden controversies, the hero has grasped the attention with his unique facial expression, elevating him as a warm-hearted person.  Why the heroine shifts her attitude from slight dislike to love is because when a strange man with big scissor hands suddenly shows up in your home and finds he likes you, it's normal for the heroine to feel shocked and annoyed.
But after he is arrested by the police because of her, she begins to like him. Unfortnately, due to the complicated society where people mistake him to put him in a dangerous end, the heroine has to save him a life by making up a lie that he dies. She asks him to hug her but he replies that he can't hug her because his scissors. But she clings to him and kisses him, saying goodbye in a painstaking way. Since that, in every winter, he still makes much falling snow in order to make her happy till she becomes older and older. I feel a pity for them who love each other but aren't able to be together. I can imagine the hero is so lone and sad in his eternal life. I am so absorbed in the plot and still feel sad about the love. In fact, they were in a relationship when starring the movie. It's a relief to me because in real life, they once loved each other very much. 
Even it's a old movie, I still believe in its magic and other same genres are pale by comparison with it.

Edward Scissorhands

Goodbye, my love.

Because I like you.

I haven't seen this movie yet but i know it is a classical.
2018/2/7 16:13:41