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Male model Ji Lingchen

2018/2/8 12:35:13
Male model Ji Lingchen
Ji Lingchen, July 15, 1993 was born in Leshan, Sichuan Province, graduated from Sichuan Communication University, a fashion model.
In 2012, Ji Lingchen was enrolled in Sichuan Communication University. His major is costume design and performance of the Academy of Television Arts and Design. After graduating from university, he was signed by a brokerage company with a handsome appearance and officially started his career.October 20, 2016, Ji Lingchen won the "Netease fashion cross-festival festival annual most popular fashion entertainer"
In October 2017, he join the business experience observation live action show "Dear Guest House."
Concerned about the emotional life: In 2014, Kan Qingzi and he was photographed in Paris travel intimacy. November 30, 2015, Ji Lingchen and actress Kan Qingzi openly weibo on the romance.  Ji Ling Chen sun drying out sweet photo "My girl", Kan Qing Zi responded "my boy", very sweet. In "Dear Guest House'' , both of them bicker from time to time, with true appearance so that many people can feel their happiness across the screen.So this sweet and quarrel day-to-day makes the audience feel very real fun, quickly became an enviable couple partners.This variety show "Dear Guest House'' also Let Ji Lingchen increased a lot of fans.
Ji Lingchen as a 25-year-old young model, has become the darling of the fashion industry, and cross-border for him is a matter of course.In the coming days,I hope he can have better development in the entertainment circle.

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