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The great stomachs of China---MiZi Jun

2018/2/9 10:20:38
The great stomachs of China---MiZi Jun
 In my eyes, a man who has an enormous appetite is originally a very special person. Especially when their figure look like normal people, even more slimmer. For instance, MiZi Jun, a girl, who looks very sweet. But she is good at doing eat live broadcast.
Do you know how she make it big at the beginning? It was only 16 minutes and 20 seconds after eating ten barrels “Turkey Noodles”. Isn’t that amazing? After all, this type of noodles is very spicy and the amount of ten barrels is a lot.
What’s more, better yet, in August 2016, MiZi Jun took part in an activity named” A hundred person come to eat white rice with no dishes”. At the event, she used her own large plate which put on weight more than 8 kg of rice. Until the end of the activity, with no dish, 8 kg rice was swept away by herself. It is just a piece of cake for MiZi Jun to do things that are almost impressible for ordinary people. To be honest, it has become a popular way of life to eat and eat crazily. But for more girls like me, no longer fat is already very happy.
In a word, we are born differently, and everyone has their own way of doing things.
I hope we all live a wonderful life.

MiZi Jun is eating rice

with no dishes, 8 kg rice

a part of eat live broadcast