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Putang strange hillside:cars slide over the slope,the water flow upwards.

2017/12/27 10:36:59
Putang strange hillside:cars slide over the slope,the water flow upwards.
Putang Beauty Spot is located in the east suburb of Ma’anshan city,  about 20 square kilometers. In the inner area of this spot, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, ravines and gullies criss-cross,it is very peaceful. With its natural, ancient and magnificent scenery, it reflects each other with the rocky Taibai building in the western suburbs of Ma'anshan city, constitute a unique cultural landscape and the natural landscape of Ma'anshan City, attracting tourists from all around the world to leisure and exploring.
Putang strange hillside is currently the longest strange hillside in China, located in Putang mountain area of Ma'anshan city, 2 kilometers away from the martyrs cemetery. The total length is about 120 meters, the slope is 1.85 degrees. Standing at the top of the slope, you can see that there is an obvious downhill path ahead, but when cars stop in the middle of the slope and puts on a neutral position, you'll find that cars start to climb ”uphill” backwards. Repeated several times, result is the same. Does gravity lose its function here?  You can use other methods, pouring a bottle of water on the "strange slope",  water will flow in the direction of "uphill". Some people says that this is visual difference, but there is no scientific and reasonable explanation for the phenomenon that "the car is sliding over the slope and the water is flowing upwards". This is a strange phenomenon, and it would be fun for you to experience it with your kids.

cars will slide over the slope on ”strange hillside”

The water will flow upwards on ”strange hillside”

Putang ”strange hillside”

I also want to experience this strange phenomenon,Ha-ha...
2017/12/11 9:56:42