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Cakes which cause people homesick

2018/2/4 9:41:10
Cakes which cause people homesick
Moon cakes vary across regions and tastes in China. Moon cake topping depends on the local food culture and tradition, there are some popular variations:

Cantonese-style moon cakes - all kinds of sweet stuffing
Cantonese moon cakes from Guangdong Province in southeastern China. The ingredients used in the fillings are varied. The most commonly used ingredients include lotus seed, melon paste, ham, chicken, duck, roasted pork, mushrooms and egg yolks. Cantonese moon cake taste sweet.

Suzhou-style moon cakes - the dough crust layer
Suzhou-style moon cake (referred to as the Su moon cake) represents the Yangtze River Delta surrounding Shanghai. Su moon cakes appeared more than a thousand years ago. They are distributed in China, a well-known layer of puff pastry with generous allotment of sugar and lard. Suzhou moon cake is both sweet and salty.

Yunnan-style moon cakes - ham and flower stuffing
The two most famous Yunnan mooncakes are ham mooncakes and flower moon cakes, ham mooncakes are delicious ham and sweet honey fillings. Taste is sweet, a bit salty. Flowers are popular in Yunnan as cake fillings. Fresh roses or other edible flowers are wrapped in the pastry skin of flower mooncakes.

Hong Kong-style moon cakes - ice skin
Hong Kong people like ice skin moon cakes most. The cakes' skins are not made of ice. They got the name because their skin is white, not baked in the oven, but put it in the fridge and frozen it.

Cantonese-style moon cakes

Yunnan-style moon cakes

Suzhou-style moon cakes

Hong Kong-style moon cakes