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You must know the new thinking about the workplace

2018/8/3 10:25:56
You must know the new thinking about the workplace
When you're working with  the thinking of wage earners, you subconsciously start measuring your work in terms of transaction prices:Today I worked for you for 9 hours, more than one hour longer than the statutory time, you should pay me an hour more overtime, or I will not work overtime next time. I've worked very hard these six months. You should show something, otherwise I won't work hard. However, in this state of mind, the most injured people are actually ourselves.
A job is essentially a trade between an individual's intellectual effort and salary, but if you treat a job as a mere trade, it may be difficult to do a good job, and it's hard to be comfortable with it. Especially young people who have just entered the workplace, if you measure everything in terms of salary, you will end up hurting yourself. The end result is that your ability is not growing and you are not satisfied with it, but it is hard to get out of the current circle.
How can we get rid of the thinking of wage earners? The method is simple: take your work as your career. With the mentality of doing your work, you are simply accomplishing the tasks that others have given you. Career is the long-term goal. Means you're working for your future. With this knowledge, you won't get angry about what you're losing, you won't flinch when you're in trouble, and you can really break through your limitations.
Finally, we should establish the overall situation consciousness, raise the height of vision, when facing problems in the workplace, we should try to start from the overall interest, not the partial interest, from the long-term interest rather than the short-term interest.


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