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The Charter Six—Dumplings

2018/2/4 16:35:10
The Charter Six—Dumplings
Speaking to the dumplings, it reminds me of the impressing moment happening in my best friend.
I remembered that one day, my best friend and her boy friend came to my home to make dinner. We together rubbed flour and mixed up the ingredient. In Chinese people mind, they usually think girls are patient and careful and hard-working. So it is easier to make dumplings.as for boys, they will think it is very difficult to do it. But her boy friend could qualified with the work.

When we ate them, suddenly, there was something wrong with my best friend. We pay more attention to her mouth. She used her hand intending to bring something from her mouth. Then she looked at it carefully. To her surprise, her boy friend took her thing and down on his knee. He said “marry me! Miss Wu.” 

Seeing his genuine eyes, my best friend was surprised and excited. Thinking it over and over again, my best friend decided to wear the diamond rang.
I suddenly discover that dumplings can be provided with this function. It is very magical and amazing that beyond my imagine.I wish that this thing would take place in me.    

he picture shows that my friend and
her boy friend made dumplings with me together.

The picture show that her boy friendproposed with her. My best friend was very surprised. 

The picture shows that she answered
him. maybe they will go the marriage hall.

It tells me that when we face with the
amazing and the surprising thing, we will make this facial.expression. 

wow,it is so romantic like the plots of some TV plays but what if she just swallowed that ring...
2018/3/8 17:17:37