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How long have you gone out without cash?

2018/2/8 22:52:03
How long have you gone out without cash?
I have almost no cash now, with a maximum of 50 yuan in my pocket for the bus card. Mobile software for driving and eating, If party AA is also very convenient by Alipay transfer. Many stores have a marked pay Alipay or WeChat, as long as with mobile phone, do not take cash is not a problem. The school canteen can use Alipay, which in September -10 month can use Alipay random preferential payment. Our class a total of 30 people, with Alipay or WeChat payment of nearly 3/4.
Until this year I became increasingly aware of the convenience of mobile payment, and now I'm used to going out without money. No wonder foreigners think that China "four great inventions", namely high iron, Alipay, online shopping and bike sharing. These things are all the necessities of life, and the latter three are the exclusive of the age of mobile payment.
Everything was unexpectedly smooth without cash. Everything in daily life consumption activities can be done with WeChat, Alipay and bank card. I also found a fact that I had ignored before, even small vendors can use mobile payment to complete the transaction, small traders will put WeChat and Alipay two two-dimensional code printed clear and eye-catching.
In these years, our society is becoming more and more honest and convenient. Our life will be more and more simple and convenient, and no cash payment has brought us more fresh experience.

A variety of mobile payment methods.

Mobile payment provides a convenient way for our lives.