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The family reunion meal, which is important for every Chinese people

2018/2/9 10:14:10
The family reunion meal, which is important for every Chinese people
With Spring Festival just around the corner, it's time for Chinese to fire up the kitchens for that all-important family reunion meal. At present, for many Chinese people, it is a rare chance to go home to reunite with their families. The atmosphere is warm and memorable. So, in my memory, every New Year, I always look forward to the family reunion dinner. It has special meaning for me and it can be said for so many people. In the sound of firecrackers, the whole family sit together, and say goodbye to the old. So how to eat the family reunion dinner delicately? It is very exquisite. The family reunion meal usually consists of dumpling, wonton and noodles. Usually people in the north eat dumplings, and southerners eat rice balls and rice cakes. In short, in China, people in different regions have their own customs.
For instance, in hebei province, it is good to eat spicy food for a good year, and in the three northeast provinces, four things are essential, namely, chicken, fish, ribs and elbow. In a word, every custom contains auspicious connotations.

the whole family sit together

a rich feast of New Year's eve

the south and north are different from each other